Types of Oral Appliances – Glendale, AZ

A Unique Solution for Each Patient

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GoTo Sleep Center Glendale understands that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to sleep apnea, which is why we use a variety of oral appliances to serve our patients. Each one is designed to perfectly suit each individual, and the brands we work with are well-known in the medical community for their quality and durability. You can learn more about the types of oral appliances in Glendale we use below, and if you would like to schedule a free consultation, we're just a phone call away.

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Clear oral appliance tray

Prosomnus has been a leading name in sleep oral appliances for years, and that’s because they continue to innovate when it comes to materials and features that allow doctors to have as much control as possible when treating a patient. Small and easy to use, these appliances can be customized to suit any bite and dentition so they fit comfortably while maintaining an open airway.


Light pink oral appliance

SomnoMed appliances are made of a strong but flexible plastic material that helps them last while not being too hard on the soft tissues of the mouth. This, in addition to their size, makes patient compliance much better and ensures they will be able to rely on their appliance for a long time. Over the years, we’ve seen countless patients stop snoring and drastically reduce their sleep apnea symptoms with SomnoMed appliances.


Hand holding a white oral appliance

Panthera is widely considered to be the smallest and most comfortable appliance on the market today. Despite being extremely thin and light, it is still quite durable and able to provide the necessary shift in jaw position to deliver the treatment a patient needs. Even for patients who have had trouble finding an oral appliance they liked in the past, many finally feel at home with a Panthera.


Off white oral appliance

Serena oral appliances are able to accomplish a lot while making relatively small adjustments. They maximize oral cavity volume very efficiently to maximize patient comfort and take up relatively little space in the mouth. They also give the doctor a lot of control in determining the jaws position in order to guarantee a great result.