Medicare for Sleep Apnea – Glendale, AZ

Making Better Sleep Budget-Friendly

A senior couple researching Medicare for sleep apnea

Of course, you may worry about the price of sleep apnea treatment. Some of our oral appliances cost more than others. Plus, not everyone has access to regular health insurance. That said, there is a good solution you could try – Medicare for sleep apnea! Our office accepts this federal insurance program to lower your treatment expenses. As such, it makes paying for sound sleep much easier! To learn more, just keep reading or contact us today.

What Does Medicare Cover?

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Depending on your specific plan, Medicare can cover the following:

  • Sleep Studies – If you aren’t sure of your sleep problem, a sleep study could clarify things. It would assess your body to learn the source of your nighttime troubles. Fortunately, Medicare typically covers this service.
  • Doctor Visits – If possible, please provide us with your Medicare details before your consultation visit. Doing so ensures we can apply your coverage and minimize the out-of-pocket costs.
  • Required Equipment – In reality, Medicare considers oral sleep appliances “durable medical equipment.” Therefore, it almost always covers a large portion of their costs.

Still, some restrictions do apply. Medicare often won’t cover an oral appliance if you’ve used a CPAP in the last five years. Given that fact, try to start treatment with the former instead of the latter. You’ll save more money and likely get better results!

How Much Does Medicare Cover?

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Naturally, Medicare coverage of sleep apnea treatment varies. It ultimately depends on your plan’s details and your health needs. As these factors shift, more or less of your treatment will be covered.

If you don’t know your exact coverage, there’s no need to worry. Our team will gladly help you grasp the relevant facts. With their assistance, you’ll maximize your benefits and pay the smallest amount possible. You’ll then be on your way to affordable sleep apnea care.

As you learn about your Medicare coverage, don’t hesitate to ask us any questions you might have. We’ll explain the ins and outs as needed. If necessary, we’ll even help you apply for CareCredit financing.

Using Medicare at Go To Sleep Center for CPAP Alternatives

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True enough, Medicare is a beneficial resource. It can greatly reduce the cost of various medical procedures. However, navigating it does involve challenges. Getting proper coverage may require proving treatment is necessary, lots of paperwork, and more.

Luckily, Go to Sleep Center for CPAP Alternatives is here for you. Our team knows how Medicare works and how to apply it to your treatment. By working with you, they’ll confirm your coverage, handle the paperwork, and maximize your benefits. You won’t need to stress out and manage things by yourself.

Clearly, Medicare for sleep apnea could be very useful to you. That being the case, go ahead and visit us about it. Our practice wants to give you budget-friendly care that leads to restful sleep!