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Living with sleep apnea is hard, but getting the treatment you need from an expert should NOT be. That’s why at GoTo Sleep Center Glendale, we use a systematic approach that makes life easy for patients while allowing our doctors to deliver customized appliances that are perfectly suited to each individual. To learn more about visiting us, read on below, or call today to schedule a free consultation.

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Your First Visit

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We typically see patients after they have already been officially diagnosed with sleep apnea, and to learn more about this, click here to visit our sleep testing page.

During the first visit, our primary goal is to get to know the patient, understand their condition, and complete an extensive examination that looks at their airway, teeth, and jaw position so we can determine how they (along with other factors) influence their sleep. We then go over this information with the patient and fully explain our observations, discuss a treatment plan, and then put together a financial plan that includes everything so no surprise charges come up later.

Patient Forms

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You can help us check you in almost instantly by taking a little time to fill out our forms online. You can do so by logging onto our patient portal, which will make managing your future visits and communication with our team much faster moving forward.

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Patient Portal

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If you would like to schedule a visit, send us a question, check your balance, or make a payment, you can do it all in a few clicks with our patient portal. Setting up an account is easy and takes less than a minute.

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Medical Insurance

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Many patients are able to use their medical insurance to help pay for sleep apnea therapy using an oral appliance. Our team has extensive experience working with many different plans and providers. You can trust if there is a way to save money with your policy, we’ll help you find it. To learn how we could use your plan, just give us a call today.

CareCredit Financing

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If you don’t have insurance, you do NOT have to simply pay for your oral appliance all at once. Instead, you can space out payments with little to no interest using CareCredit. They are a third-party financer that offers many flexible plans which feature no surprise charges or hidden fees, or prepayment penalties. You can learn more and even sign up today just by clicking the button below.

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Medicare Accepted

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We accept Medicare to help sleep apnea patients gain access to the high-quality treatment they deserve. Our team knows that filing claims can be complicated and stressful, but we’ve done it so many times that we’ll be able to walk you through the process quickly so that you’re able to access what you need in a timely manner.

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