• Diplomate of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine 

  • Diplomate of the American Sleep and Breathing Academy

Stacey Layman DDS D-ABDSM and her dedicated team are impassioned to help you get a good night’s rest, improve your quality of life and overall health.

Meet your doctor

Dr. Stacey Layman, DDS, D-ABDSM

Dr. Stacey Layman, DDS, D-ABDSM is originally from Texas and has resided in the Valley since 2003. Dr. Layman graduated from Baylor College of Dentistry in Dallas and has been treating patients for sleep disordered breathing in her general dental practice since 2009. Dr. Layman is no longer practicing general dentistry and is solely dedicated her patients and practice to the treatment of Sleep Apnea at GoTo Sleep Center. Her key team members of 15 years are also along side to ensure the best possible patient care and service. 

Uniquely, Dr. Layman is the co-founder of GoGo Billing - Medical Billing for Dentists. This gives her patients a distinct advantage in using their medical benefits for treatment of sleep apnea.

Dr. Layman also lectures dentists across the country how to effectively treat sleep apnea using oral appliance therapy. GoTo Sleep also serves as a training facility for dentists as she hosts over the shoulder trainings and guidance on patient care.  

Dr. Layman is married to her husband, Nick. They have two daughters, Lainey and Zoe. 

Dr. Layman is also an active member in the following associations:

Academy of Clinical Sleep Disorders Disciplines
Academy of General Dentistry
Arizona Dental Association
American Dental Association